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“When the bank first opened I wasn’t sure what the bank’s growth plans were. I’ve been pleased to watch new branches open and be successful; also pleased to see that they have really engaged themselves as a leader funding projects for local businesses. They’ve been very wise in the decisions they made. They’ve been ahead of the game in judging growth, traffic patterns in Greensboro. “

The Painted Plate Catering/Greensboro
Brad Semon 02/08/2007

Carolina Bank far surpasses the big banks in every way. The staff welcomes me by name when I visit my local branch. This bank has fewer fees (ATM and others) than other banks and my branch stays open until 6:00pm during the week. I’m referring all of my friends and family members to switch to Carolina Bank.

The best bank anywhere…
Lowell Rhodes 01/04/2010

“I feel like it’s a two-way trustful relationship.”

“I always come away with the feeling that the bank has partnered with me to help me manage my money and my accounts, versus other banks that forget “whose” money it is.”

Co-ower, Guilford Medical Supply
Cathy Propst 02/06/2007