Question: Can I download my online transactions into Quicken/Quickbooks/Microsoft Money?

Answer: Yes! You can export transactions into Quicken®, Quickbooks®, or Microsoft Money®, respectively. Choose the “Transactions” drop-down menu in your account view, select “Export Transactions” and choose which file type to download. Windows and Mac users have this functional available.

Question: How do I change my online password?

Answer: You may change your password by logging into Online Banking and clicking the “Change password” option under the “options” drop down menu at the top of your screen. If you are locked out, please call us (336) 288-1898, or contact a Customer Service Representative at any location.

Question: How much does online banking cost?


Customers receive FREE consumer online banking and FREE online bill pay!  Business online banking and bill pay is subject to a fee.  Please contact a customer service representative for more information.

Question: What if I forget my password?

Answer: Choose the Forget Your Password? link on the online banking logon page. You will need to enter your Access ID and your password will be emailed to the email address on record. To view or update your email address on record, logon to online banking and choose Change Password and Change Email Address.

Question: What is the difference in “Online Banking” and “Business Access”?


Online banking is what we refer to as “SmartBanker II”.  It is the original online banking application that our personal banking customers and many business customers use.  Any office customer service representative can assist you with SmartBanker II.  You can logon by entering your username on our bank’s home page and clicking login, or this link: click here

Business Access is what we refer to as “SmartBusines Access”.  This product was introduced in 2007 and is a full scale cash management application for business customers.  A customer service representative may refer you to your business relationship manager or commercial lender for more information or setup on this program.  You may logon from our homepage by choosing the “Business Access” option, or use this link:  click here

Question: Zix Secure Email Information


Please click this link to view the customer information.